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07 April 2007 @ 10:26 pm
THE BIG PHOTOBOOK POST! [Part I/VI, Solo: Morning Musume Sixth Generation]  
Continuation of The Big Photobook Post Part I.

Morning Musume's sixth generation. If anyone has any mid-resolution covers of these photobooks, please send them my way.

0/11 downloads available.


First Photobook: Kamei Eri [2004.12.23][91 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Second Photobook: DAYS [2005.09.16][94 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Missing: 17sai, Love-Hello![?]


First Photobook: Michishige Sayumi Shashinsuu [2004.10.29][89 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Second Photobook: Doukei [2007.01.15][76 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2


First Photobook: Tanaka Reina Shashinsuu [2004.11.19][73 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Second Photobook: Reina [2005.10.17][67 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Third Photobook: Shoujo R [2006.05.10][82 files]
Sample 1 / Sample 2

Missing: Alo-Hello! Tanaka Reina


So, er, look who forgot to toss Mikitty in here! Previews and zips coming soon.
shojimonkshojimonk on March 23rd, 2008 02:00 pm (UTC)
They all look so amazing~ *_*

please excuse any silliness, or lack of knowledge on my part in this, as I am still very new to Morning Musume and H!P (just found them all of 5 months ago) and I am even newer to LJ (just created my account today @_@)
butbut, anywhos~, I'm curious as to why these photobooks are all listed, but none are available for DL? Dx
I would love to get a Reina or Eri PB~~, and especially a Koharu~ PB (tho thats in another... thread... post... thinger ^_^;;) and even just giving some help as to where/how you found the PB's yourself would be appreciated.
Thanks alot~
the pasta monsternen_yim on March 24th, 2008 12:36 am (UTC)
Re: Kyaaa~
D: D: I'm so sorry! I started this community a while ago, mostly to kill time and I managed to upload many earlier PBs, but I started doing other things and this comm fell on my list of priorities. ^^ I don't know if I'll continue upping them (I'll certainly try harder, thanks to you! :D) but other good sources of photobooks or any other kinds of H!P media are gimme_hp (which you need to join), the Hello!Online tracker, and eyeballcancer.com's photobook gallery. There are others that I can't think of right now, but the H!P community's pretty closely connected, so one site will probably lead you to others. ^^