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02 May 2007 @ 07:54 pm
Quick note for you all!  
So lately my internet has been extremely slow. Like, I went to upload one of Rika's photobooks, it got to the 50% point after about three hours...and stopped entirely. I have no idea what's up with it. So please bear with me. I'll try to up the PBs, but like I said, I'll be lucky if they upload at all...

In the meantime, I got Rika's first three photobooks up, if you're looking for those. I've also gotten several other photobooks off of various trackers after much work - one person requested that one of the photobooks not be distributed, so that photobook will not be put up. (It is, by the way, Satoda Mai's second PB, "MY LIFE.") The other two photobooks are Eri in Phuket and the Sukeban Deka official photobook. Alright, that's all for now! :)